What’s the story morning glory

If you're anything like me, getting up in the morning can be a struggle. A lack of sleep tossing and turning or an unhealthy diet can have a knock on effect on your sleeping pattern.

You might have heard it a million times over but breakfast is one of the most important meals in the day. Just like a car can't run without fuel, your body also needs the energy to get you going at the start of the day.

On the way to work, I will always promise myself that some how, miraculously 'good' food will magically appear during or on my way to the office. This however is hardly the case, the truth is, if you don't make time for breakfast, you will skip it.

I have been look out for breakfast, quite literally on-the-go for a while now and want something to eat quick with minimal hassle. Try these and let me know what you think!


Simply delicious, ready in minutes, quick easy and tastes lovely. Instead of adding sugar, the best part is hidden in the lid of the pot. You can either squeeze some gooey golden syrup all over your porridge or if your a chocolate lover, Nutella. This is a sure-fire breakfast hit!


What's the story morning glory

Fruit loop

Fast easy and tastes great. A banana in the morning is also a good source of potassium, dietary fiber, manganese and vitamins B6 & C.  Bananas release slow bursts of energy throughout the day so perfect to eat in the morning to give you a boost! 


Boots healthier eating range

The Boots shapers range are absolutely fantastic and designed to help you keep an eye on the calories as well as being healthy.  Apart from the meal deal, they also have yogurts, porridge, granola and cereal bars that are certainly worth a try.  


Kellogg's Special K bar

I absolutely love these bars. Obviously because they taste delicious but also because they are 90 calories.  With a fresh fruit smoothie you are on to winner. 



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