Which scent would you choose?

New York based perfumery, Demeter Fragrance Library will be launched this September in Boots.

Here's the interesting thing about the Fragrance Library – established in 1996 with an iconic capsule collection of three scents – ‘Grass’, ‘Tomato’ and ‘Dirt’ and the mission of ‘capturing all the beautiful scents that surround us in the everyday’; the brand quickly went on to secure a loyal cult following.

Today the complete ‘library’ of fragrances spans over 300 scents that smell exactly as they sound, ranging from the classic ‘Jasmine’ or ‘Fresh Ginger’ to the more unusual ‘Pure Soap’ or ‘Gin & Tonic’, and the entirely unexpected ‘Fireplace’ or ‘Thunderstorm’.

The family-run business is owned by Mark Crames, CEO & Perfumer – Demeter Fragrance Library (USA).

Revolutionary scents & customisation
The inimitable brand, which is still hand-bottled in its native USA, is held in high esteem by its loyal fans, celebrities and experts in the fragrance industry, because of its revolutionary approach to scent, which is the antithesis of most other fragrance brands.

Rather than trying to capture the ‘essence’ of an aspirational ideal or glossy advertising image, The Library of Fragrance presents scents that are ‘real’ and ‘familiar’ and can be chosen to reflect the preferences of the wearer, instead of those dictated by a perfumer or designer.

Selecting a scent to wear becomes as easy as asking yourself, ‘what sort of things do I like?’.

Taking personal preferences even further, the simplicity of The Library of Fragrance enables wearers to ‘layer’ the scents and wear them together to create new and unique iterations.

The rule of thumb is that if things smell good together in real life, they will smell good on you. For example, ‘Grass’ + ‘Sunshine’ + ‘Vanilla Ice Cream’ smell incredible worn together, perfectly conjuring a summer day’s stroll in the park, whilst ‘Gingerbread’ and ‘Marshmallow’ is a comforting duo that gourmand fragrance fans will fall for.

See The Library of Fragrance website for more recommended suggestions. With layering combinations limited only by the imagination, each new The Library of Fragrance scent adds a new dimension to a wearer’s collection and creates numerous opportunities for fragrance experimentation.

This approach to customisation delivers incredible value for customers – which is also strongly supported by a ‘2 for £25’ promotion that will feature exclusively at Boots.

Visit www.thelibraryoffragrance.com for more information or visit your local Boots to check out more on the brand.

Which scent would you choose?

Which scent would you choose?

Which scent would you choose?

Which scent would you choose?


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