Work Time…are you ready?


How many times have you gotten on the tube and been styled out by the woman sitting across from you. You take a closer look and realise you probably have all those items she has, but why has she pullled it off in an effortless manner? Most of the time our staple items are in our wardrobes. We just fail to match them correctly in the morning madness.

Here are my top investment tips on throwing it together the right way.

Invest in time

If you really want to be organised pull out what you are wearing the night before. If you cant do that, pull together a mental image of pieces you are going to wear. Visually seeing them and creating that mental picture will really help you feel more organised. Dont forget shoes and accessories, these finish an outfit. Forgetting these may leave you looking half dressed.


Face time

Look at your schedule the night before, whats in your diary? This is a key driver for preparing your chosen outfit. Its not just the team meetings that matter, more and more adhoc ways of having meetings are being introduced. Will your meeting be via webex, coffee break out areas, white board rooms. Think about your chosen outfit and picture it in those scenarios, you will soon know if its going to work in your favour or not. 


Down time

Even if you are having a quite day, be prepared. Remember you never really know who you may bump into. Most women have a hidden shoe closet at work, invest in having a few key items for smart-makeovers. Smart jackets, kitten heels, sheer powder and lipgloss for a pop of colour when required. Attention to small details will really help giving you that polished look, achievable in seconds with the impression lasting much longer! 


Home time

For those working from home or adhoc locations work wear is incredibly important to achieving the right mind-set. Most people admit to being more productive when they are dressed properly for their day. If you take your work seriously then take your presentation seriously. I am not saying dress up in your board room best in your lounge, but staying in your pyjamas is not advisable either. With more tele-working and remote options available from employers a whole new generation of workers are keeping up high productivity levels. Achieving the right atmosphere is crucial for these savy networkers.




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